Dysnix Charitable Foundation
Help Ukraine by providing army with Powerful Vehicles
The fund's initiatives are being backed by Dysnix co-founders and a number of devops team members
30+ vehicles
for military and medical purposes since February 24

Our team and what we do

Yavorovych Daniel
Dysnix Co-Founder, CTO
Zaichenko Serhii
Dysnix Co-Founder, COO
Musiienko Yevhen
Dysnix Consultant
We knew for sure that we have to support Ukraine, and according to info from frontlines the best help to Ukraine would be 4x4, armored, off-road maneuverability, and high-carrying capacity cars. Vehicles were a critical resource that was constantly in short supply.

The armored vehicles are mostly consumable material, as a grinder of war events destroys the cars faster than volunteers are capable of providing them.
Alex Falcov
Collection and prioritization
Vlada Galkina
Collection and prioritization
Denys Samoilov
Our driver. Also helps with
So we keep delivering reliable armored vehicles for our defenders to save their lives and participate in the expected victory of Ukraine

Story of Our Initiative

We started by buying suitable cars in Ukraine, repairing them at local service stations, and delivering vehicles to the frontline by ourselves. But over time, such vehicles ran out in Ukraine and Europe, so we had to switch to purchasing in Britain with the help of the volunteer organization Dobrovoz.

A few months later, car services in Lviv and Vinnytsia joined our volunteering and immediately got into repairing and enhancing vehicles for military needs.
We started this initiative to let anyone in the world help Ukraine to defend itself from russian invasion by provision the Armed Forces of Ukraine with cars
Join us in a car supply that will stop the war and drive us to Victory day!

Foundation news

Mitsubishi L200 is already helping the soldiers of the 54th brigade. Get closer to victory every day by supporting our brave defenders.
Mitsubishi Pajero was delivered to our fearless defenders in the Bagmut region. This powerful vehicle will be a great help in carrying out their duties and defending our country.
This time we delivered a car to the front line in the Bahmut region, where fierce battles continue to take place. This vehicle will be a significant help to our brave defenders who are risking their lives to protect Ukraine.
Dysnix Foundation delivered a batch of training grenades for Ukrainian defenders who are protecting Sumy region. We are proud to have the opportunity to help our defenders and give them credit for their dedication and bravery.
Another powerful and reliable car, the Mitsubishi L200, was delivered to the front line at the request of our military.
Dysnix Charitable Foundation has delivered thermal imagers and thermal weapon sights for the needs of the National Guard of Ukraine. This is another step towards supporting our heroes who defend our country and its future.
The DJI Mavic3 drone is ready to help our defenders fight for the safety and freedom of Ukrainian people.
Dysnix Charitable Foundation continues to support our defenders in achieving victory – thermal imaging cameras have been delivered for the needs of the National Guard of Ukraine.
Thanks to Dysnix Charitable Foundation, the National Guard of Ukraine has another powerful ally in the fight against invaders – Mitsubishi L200.
Showing our support for those who protect us is the very least we can do in appreciation of their tireless efforts. 10.02.23 Dysnix Foundation delivered another vehicle to meet the needs of our fearless defenders. Together towards victory!
Another Ford Ranger was delivered to the frontline of the Donetsk region We managed to buy, repair, upgrade, and deliver this Ford Ranger to the mobile units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to help them on their missions. Glory to the heroes!
Nissan Navara 2003 for soldiers in Donbass. The car brought from Britain, repaired and equipped with everything necessary is already helping our soldiers to fight for Ukraine
Right-hand drive, four-door, diesel car, 2.5-liter engine. The pickup was delivered from Great Britain, repaired at a Ukrainian service station.
The 93rd "Kholodny Yar'' brigade received a Mitsubishi L200 from the Dysnix fund.Right-hand drive four-door four-wheel drive car with 5 seats. Kung. 16 diameter discs are installed. Engine - 2.3 liters, power - 180 hp.
Another Mitsubishi Pajero was handed over to the National Guard. Right-hand drive four-wheel-drive car for 5 seats, 16-diameter wheels are installed, 5-speed gearbox.
Another armored vehicle for Ukrainian Armed Forces – Mitsubishi L200, to help our soldiers defer the enemy
Every car delivered to the front ensures the rapid movement of our forces, which is crucial in the current situation. We at Dysnix are happy to contribute by providing vehicles such as Mitsubishi L-200
Powerful vehicles are always in significant demand, especially when our Armed Forces advance. Nissan Navara is ready to serve its mission
Every vehicle we purchase is repaired and painted at the local body shops. When all the preparations are done, the car is delivered to the front to help Ukrainian Army liberate our country. Nissan Navara in the picture is already at the frontline
Day and night our fearless soldiers fight for Ukraine. We are happy to help them by providing powerful vehicles such as Mitsubishi L200
Jeep Compass has been delivered to the frontline to help out soldiers defend the country
Powerful vehicles are in huge demand in times of war. We at Dysnix aim to provide Ukrainian soldiers with fast and reliable cars such as Nissan Navara
Every vehicle that we purchase and deliver saves many lives. Mitsubishi L200 is ready to serve the cause
Another vehicle Mitsubishi Pajero will join our fearless defenders in the fight against invaders
Every day Armed Forces of Ukraine liberate cities and towns of our country. We at Dysnix are deeply grateful and we are always ready to provide Ukrainian soldiers with powerful vehicles. Mitsubishi Pajero is ready to fight for Ukraine
Dysnix purchased another vehicle– Volkswagen T4. We want to support our brave soldiers and contribute to defeating invaders
Ukrainian defenders are fighting bravely and effectively for the future of our country. Our primary goal is to get vehicles to aid their needs
Dysnix has provided the Ukrainian Armed forces with body armour essential for defenders’ safety
To ensure stable and secure communication Dysnix equipped our defenders with Starlinks and autonomous power stations
Dysnix has also purchased numerous thermal imaging systems allow our defenders to detect enemy forces
Dysnix has provided Ukrainian defenders with multiple drones to increase the accuracy of operations and protect military personnel from harm
Playback theatre Station Uzh now has got a new place to create art and share this awarding experience! Welcome to your new home, friends
With Dysnix we have managed to purchase and deliver Mitsubishi Pajero and Ford Ranger to our fearless soldiers. Now these vehicles serve our defenders and help them perform military operations
Dysnix has purchased another powerful vehicle for Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Mitsubishi L200 serves the need of the Ukrainian army
We managed to equip soldiers from the National Guard of the Kharkiv region with a new powerful vehicle – Hyundai Terracan
We managed to provide out fearless defenders with some body armour
Myrne Nebo provided chemicals, personal and feminine hygiene products, as well as a pram for a family with a baby. We are grateful to everyone who participates
Special Operations Detachment "Azov Kharkiv” now is able to perform military missions even more effectively with a new vehicle – Nissan Xtrail – provided by Dysnix
Dysnix has purchased the Mitsubishi Pajero which now serves our defenders from military unit А1302
«Dopomoga Kharkiv» helpsheart attack department of 25th hospital with food products and medicaments and also. Regional Clinical Hospital (including children department)
Fast and efficient car for the courageous soldiers who defend Kharkiv region
Every day volunteers from Myrne Nebo wake up before dawn to prepare nutritious and healthy food for everyone in need
Hundai Terracan serves a good cause
Halabuda Hub conducts art therapy courses, psychological recovery for children who suffered during the war and stayed in their cities or became Internally Displaced Persons and moved to safer regions
Clowns came to entertain children and encourage them to keep fighting with challenges and struggles that these children never deserved
Team of clowns works in Uzhhorod and helps kids to overcome war traumas, who got evacuated to the Transcarpathian region. This departure of clowns also supports Ukrainian children in European countries
Station Uzh organizes theatrical activities and playback performances for Internally Displaced Persons. This way people, who have struggles caused by war can reduce stress and release their emotions
Ssang Tong Rexton is now a part of the Ukrainian army
We managed to order the Starlinks for the needs of Ukraine's Armed Forces to ensure the safety of military communications and reliability of the connection
With Dysnix support, our defenders can travel even faster with a new vehicle – Mitsubishi Outlander
Powerful vehicles are extremely important for our brave defenders. We managed to provide Ukraine's Armed Forces with another vehicle – Nissan Petrol
With Dysnix's help, volunteers in Kharkiv region have a much needed vehicle such as Nissan Petrol
With Dysnix’s help Mitsubishi Pajero is now one of the vehicles that will serve Ukraine’s Armed Forces
Another vehicle for our fearless armed forces
True Christmas was organized by St. Nicholas’ Reindeer for children who had to flee their homes because of the war in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
Our CTO and Co-Founder Daniel Yavorovych participated in activities organized by St. Nicholas’ Reindeer and brought a little bit of happiness to children who live close to the war zone in Donetsk and Luhansk regions
Vehicle’s journey
From Great Britain to Ukraine’s battlefield
Request from the armed forces of Ukraine
Volunteers pass on the request to Dysnix Foundation
Dobrovoz foundation
Looking for a suitable car in Great Britain
Checking the car in the service
Purchase & delivery at the service station
Primary repair
Shipping to Ukraine
Receiving an official letter
Delivery to the border of Ukraine
Border crossing
Service stations and volunteers
Service stations in Lviv
Hard test drive on the way to Vinnytsia
Secondary maintenance and upgrading in Vinnytsia
Handover to the Armed Forces of Ukraine